Back to the blog and to Warsaw

So, I started a blog, wrote some posts and then – nothing. So what happened? Maybe, since this is mainly a blog about taking the train, just maybe, I didn’t take the train in the mean-time? Well, not so much the reason. I’ve been on the train a lot since then, but somehow I didn’t get into the flow. Now I have a major train ride coming up – a quite exciting one – so I thought I’d try to get back into the modus of writing, so that I can at least report on that trip in something like “real time”. (Not going to happen, but worth a shot).

As I said, since the last post, I’ve actually been out-and-about quite a bit, but I will start with the most recent destination: Warsaw.

I’ve always wanted to take the train to Warsaw from Hamburg, but somehow I never got round to it. Or actually, I did once, but only to immediately step onto the nighttrain to Moscow (other story, other post). Sensing that the times of train travelling from Hamburg as the epicentre might be nearing their end, I decided to “take the bull by it horns” and go to Warsaw.

From Hamburg, it is a relatively easy journey – just one change in Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main station) and then onto the EC taking you straight to Warsaw, a journey of about 5 hours (plus the 2 to go to Berlin).

Nothing very exciting about taking the ICE to Berlin, but the EC to Warsaw was great. I ended up in a six-person compartement, accompanied by five “young men” on a drinking trip. Could be horrible – but – adjust to the situation and you’ll have a lot of fun. This time this meant playing cards and drinking beer. Note of caution, drinking in public is not allowed in Poland, something our compartement was kindly reminded of by the border control (and with nicely, I mean nicely, what a surprisingly friendly border control person!).

Anyhow, I kept the fun to a limit and arrived in Warsaw with enough ability to concentrate to go to our hostel – the Puffa Hotel Lux (what a name, especially if one speaks German ..!). For those who are sensitive to noise – don’t go there. But, if not, it is a good location and good price.

The trainride back was relatively unspectacular. The nicest thing about it, finally getting a chance to revisit the restaurant car, something I love to do on these ECs between Germany and its closest neighbours to the east (but didn’t have time to do on the way to Warsaw, due to card playig..)


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