Across the snowy Alps

Since the Deutsche Bahn (the German state-owned railway company) has decided to discontinue their night train services by the end of 2016, I wanted to take the chance of using this service one last time. Rumour has is, that the Austrians will take over the service, but any excuse to take another night train is a good one, this time going from the north of Germany to Milan in North Italy.

The great thing about the night train, is the time-saving component of being able to sleep whilst travelling. Though all who have been on a night train, know that this is not always the case. In this case I had opted for the top bunk, since I think it is the best in terms of keeping your belongings safe. What I forgot however, is that this is by far the shortest bunk, not great if you happen to be quite tall. Still, despite this, of course the night train was as enjoyable as always, but is had the consequence of having to sleep part of the second and last leg of the train, which took me from Zürich across the beautiful snowy (yes the radar in the last post did not lie) Alps to the Italian lowlands around Milan.

Monday evening I then did the reserve journey, arriving Tuesday morning in Hamburg, ready (thanks to the shower in first class carriage next to mine..!) to head straight to my desk at work.

Summa summarum: let’s keep the night trains!


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